All about Boxing gym Sydney

A friend of mine recently surprised me by telling me she’s taken up boxing. Now, my friend is a banker. Also, she is a petite woman who I could hardly imagine doing any fighting moves. But she did take up boxing and found that she enjoyed it. Boxing is no longer a pursuit for hard men who want an outlet for violence. Today, it is a popular fitness discipline for pretty much anyone, not to learn how to fight, but to develop a healthy body in a fun way.

The core of boxing for fitness is to let everyone benefit from training methods that have been developed and refined since the Queensberry rules were laid down in 1867. Boxing for fitness is not aimed at preparing people for a ring fight, although trainees can choose to do light sparring in the ring, if they like. It is geared towards giving you a total body workout, since boxing is a discipline that requires strength, speed, stamina, and precision. My banker friend has never stepped into a ring for a fight. She goes a round or two with a punching bag or a speed bag instead. But she tells me she gets a lot of satisfaction out of landing hits on a punching bag–and no one has to get hurt. And you don’t have to be afraid of walking into a boxing gym full of strong guys who might make fun of you. These days, people of all types, young or old, male or female, are welcome at modern boxing fitness centers. For further information regarding this, feel free to visit us at Boxing gym sydney

If you sign up at a boxing gym, you will be given a training program that includes a variety of exercises such as stretching, sit-ups, skipping rope, and jogging. This is needed to build up your overall stamina and fitness. You will also be trained on proper boxing stance and footwork to increase your balance and coordination. Sessions of shadowboxing, or punching in front of a mirror, will enhance your motor skills and muscle memory. Doing rounds with a speed ball will improve your reflexes, while using the heavy punching bag will improve power and timing. You will also learn to defend yourself and block punches.

At some point, you may actually decide to get into the ring with someone. You will not be required to do this–it is strictly an optional part of the training. You will also need the approval of a doctor before your trainer will allow you to get into the ring. But if you do enter the ring at some point, don’t worry–it won’t be like a professional fight. In fact, you won’t be fighting at all, but simply sparring with a partner to score points, similar to Olympic boxing and unlike professional prizefighting. You may also be able to use more protective equipment, such as headgear.